Catch and Closures

​​​​​​​Minimum commercial size limits and Total Allowable Catch (TAC) apply to native periwinkles and short-spined sea urchin. When the TAC for a species/zone is reached, or a within-zone catch-capped area, it is seasonally closed for the remainder of the licensing year (1 Sep to 31 Aug).

Current closures and limits are displayed below, together with catch updates. Within-season catch data cannot be disclosed (ND) until that area has been fished by five or more divers. Only data entered in the NRE Tas Fisheries FILMS database is included.

The data below was last updated on: 13 January 2023

Periwinkles (Lunella undulata) - 45mm minimum size

TACs - 55.8 tonnes

ZoneTAC tonnes
CaughtCatch remaining

CLOSED (from 12:01am, 16 Jan 2023)​

Catch Cap Areas

Sub-blocks​ Area Name​ Cap (t)​ Caught​ (t) Status​
​12C, 12D, 13A & 13B

Short-spined sea urchin (Heliocidaris erythrogramma) - 75mm minimum size

TACs - 175 tonnes

ZoneTAC tonnes
​Catch remaining
CLOSED (from 12:01am, 14 Nov 2022)
CLOSED (from 12:01am, 25 Nov 2022)

Catch Cap Areas

Zone Sub-blocks Area Name Cap (t) Caught (t) Status
30DGeorges Bay 7
CLOSED (from 12:01am,   6 Oct 2022)
NE29D, 30A & 30BSt Helens13 12
CLOSED (from 12:01am, 26 Sep 2022)
CE24A, 24B & 24CMercury Passage15
CLOSED (from 12:01am,   6 Nov 2022)​
CE26B, 26C & 26DColes Bay15 19.5
CLOSED (from 12:01am, 13 Oct 2022)
SE23BDunalley10 6.2
CLOSED (SE zone from 12:01am, 25 Nov 2022)
SE18Derwent River 6 7.5
CLOSED (from 12:01am, 15 Oct 2022)
SE19BDodges, Sloping Island15 15.6
CLOSED (from 12:01am, 15 Nov 2022)

​Long-spined sea urch​in (Centrostephanus rodgersii) - no size limit

Catch tally and annual comparisons (No TAC) (tonnes)

22/23 Current Catch (t) 21/22 20/21 19/20 18/19 17/18 16/17 15/16

Biosecurity closures and recommended no take areas​

Biosecurity closures and recommended no take areas

The Commonwealth Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment (DAWE), with Biosecurity Tasmania (BT), have advised that commercial dive species should be monitored in line with the abalone biotoxin management regime. NRE Tas is supporting IMAS projects to assess whether urchins and periwinkles can be managed in their own right.

In the interim, it is strongly recommended that commercial dive species are not taken from abalone blocks that are closed to the take of abalone by DAWE or BT due to biotoxins. The abalone block map can be found on the Abalone Fishery​​ webpage.

DAWE's recommended no take abalone blocks:

Block 24 A, Block 24 B and Block 24 C;Block 25;Block 26A, 26B and 26C; and

Block 30A


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