Shellfish Fishery

​​Current Season total allowable catch


TAC for 2022/23 season
​Pacific oysters
​​Native oyster (Ostrea angasi)​
​Georges Bay
25,330 dozen
Venerupis Clams 
​Georges Bay North Clam Zone
840 kg
Katelysia ​cockles 
​Ansons Bay Cockle Zone
0 kg


The commercial shellfish fishery selectively harvests four key species by hand, either by diving from small vessels or wading. The harvest locations are restricted to areas that were historically identified through an extensive research and Permitting process, as being best able to support a fishery.

This low-quantity fishery puts high-quality and sought-after product into boutique markets.

Native oyster diver

Managing the fishery 

The Tasmanian shellfish fishery is managed under the provisions of the Living Marine Resources Management Act 1995​ and Fisheries (Shellfish) Rules 2017.

Minimum size limits ensure animals can spawn multiple times before they enter the fishery. 

Angasi oysters: 70 mm minimum shell length

Venerupis clams: 40 mm minimum shell length

Katelysia cockles: 32 mm minimum shell length

The total allowable commercial catch (TAC) per species is set annually using stock survey data. Once a TAC is reached, the commercial fishery for that species is closed for the remainder of the licensing year.

There are only a handful of licences – two each for native oysters and clams, and one for cockles. 

There is no cap on the number of wild Pacific oyster licences that can be issued, but operators are bound by the requirements of the ShellMAP program which may restrict viable harvesting areas. Operators within the shellfish fishery must also be licenced commercial divers​.​

More information 

Commercial Shellfish fishery assessment reports: 

IMAS Small Bivalve Assessment Reports​ 

Shellfish Fishery Policy Document (1.47 MB)

  Shellfish Policy Update 2017   (338Kb)​​​


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