Abalone Catch Reporting

Fishing licence (abalone dive) holders and supervisors are required to report all commercial abalone fishing activity as a condition of their licence.

​​​​​​​Digital reporting

Blacklip abalone illustration by Peter GouldthorpeAs building of the mobile app for catch and effort reporting for the commercial abalone fishing industry continues, work has begun on a Digital Reporting System (DRS) to provide an alternative to telephone reporting.

The app will speed-up reporting with additional benefits such as saved favourites, real time information exchange, and a faster, more refined process.

The DRS app for abalone is planned for 2024 and will provide an initial digital solution to Abalone Divers whilst work continues to bring paper-based dockets into the digital age.

As the DRS app gets closer to release, we will be looking for volunteers from within the commercial abalone dive industry to consult with and undertake trials. Please let us know if you are interested in taking part by emailing the Fisheries Digital Transition Project team at: fdtp@nre.tas.gov.au

Read more about the Fisheries Digital Transition Project.

Logbook reporting


Licence holders and supervisors with a Fishing Licence (Abalone Dive) entitlement will be sent the combined Commercial Abalone Dive Docket, Diving Team Docket and Transfer Docket books.  ​

Instructions and examples

Instructions and a completed example are available for each commercial abalone fishery zone.


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