​​​​​​​​​​​The Wild Fisheries Management Branch manages commercial and recreational fisheries in marine waters in Tasmania in accordance with the relevant legislation and guidelines.  The Inland Fisheries Service has jurisdiction over freshwater fishing.


Living Marine Resources Management Act 1995 (main legislation for managing sea fisheries)

Fishing (Licence Ownership and Interest) Registration Act 2001 

Rules and Management Plans

Fisheries Rules 2019

Fisheries (Abalone) Rules 2017*

Fisheries (Commercial Dive) Rules 20​21*

Fisheries (Mackerel) Rules 201​9*

Fisheries (Rock Lobster) Rules 2022*​​

Fisheries (Giant Crab) Rules 2023*​ ​

Fisheries (Scalefish) Rules 2015*

Fisheries (Scallop) Rules 2020

Fisheries (Processing and Handling) Rules 2021​

Fisheries (Shellfish) Rules 2017*

Fisheries (Marine Plant) Rules 2017​*

* denotes that these fisheries are managed under a management plan


Fisheries (General and Fees) Regulations 2016

Fisheries (Penalty)​ Regulations 2021​

Fishing (Licence Ownership and Interest) Registration (Fees) Regulations 2022 

Research​ Area Orders

Elephant Rock Fisheries (Research Area) Order 2009​

North Bay Fisheries (Research Area) Order 2009​

Fisheries (Research Area) Order (No.1) 2009

Fisheries (Research Area) Order (No.5) 2008

Taroona Waters Fisheries (Research Area) Order 2008

Fisheries (Research Area) Order 1996

Fisheries Licensing and Ministerial Guidelines

These are administrative policy guidelines approved by the Minister under section 75 of the Living Marine Resources Management Act 1995.

 Eligibility Policy Statement

  Scallop Ranching in Tasmanian Waters 

  Abalone Marine Farming and Processing Licences  

  Requirement to have a Marine Farming Licence when feeding fish held under the authority of a Fish Processing Licence 

  Removal of a Supervisor from a Licence 

  Fishing Licence (Vessel), Abalone Only   

  Fishing Vessel Distinguishing Marks  

  Renewal of Fishing Licences 

  Conditions Applying to Fishing Licences (Abalone Quota), commonly referred to as "Furneaux Licences"   

  Guidelines For Assessment of Applications for Fishing Licences for Mussel Spat and Scallop Spat Collection

  Licence Transfers

  Licence Leasing and Transferrability 

  Marine Farming - Abalone Ranching 

  Provision of Licensing Information Requests  

  Licence Transfer Procedures under S.90 Licence Suspension/Cancellation Provisions 

  Application to Transfer a Licence While Under Investigation

  Endorsement of Fishing Licence (Rock Lobster) and Fishing Licence (Giant Crab) with condition that authorises unloading in Victoria 

  Grant of a Fishing Licence (Abalone Dive) 

  Restriction on the Number of Marine Plant Licences 

  Industry levy 

  In-Sea Abalone Marine Farming Ministerial Guideline 2010 

Public Notices

Public notices are used for opening and closing seasons, setting total allowable catches and emergency fishery closures.  They are published in Tasmania newspapers and the Tasmanian Government Public Notices website.

Published Notices

  Revocation of notice of closed commercial scalefish fishery in Macquarie Harbour 

See also - VMS Published Notices


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