Harvest Strategy Policy

Harvest strategies​ achieve fishery management objectives by establishing clear guidelines for management actions that are to occur in response to changes in the fishery.

The animation explains the purpose of a fisheries harvest strategy.

 DRAFT Harvest Strategy Policy for Tasmanian Fisheries - 2023 (PDF 743Kb)

A framework to develop, implement and review harvest strategies and rebuilding strategies for Tasmanian wild fisheries.


 DRAFT Guidelines for implementation of the Harvest Strategy Policy for Tasmanian Fisheries 2023 (PDF 453Kb)

Supporting guidelines that provide clear direction to fisheries managers, fishery scientists and key stakeholders for application of the policy.

The draft policy and policy guidelines should be read together. They aim to balance clear policy principles with retaining the flexibility to tailor harvest strategies to meet individual fishery needs. Together, they outline the process and key elements for a consistent approach to developing harvest strategies in Tasmania.

Policy principles

The proposed policy has been drafted in accordance with the National Guidelines to Develop Fishery Harvest Strategies, supports the objectives of the Living Marine Resources Management Act 1995 and broader goals of ecologically sustainable development. β€‹It is important to note that the policy and policy guidelines are not, themselves, a harvest strategy. Rather, they provide the framework for future development of fisheries specific harvest strategies.

Although harvest strategies can manage extraction from all sectors including commercial and non-commercial fishing, this policy does not establish a resource sharing policy.  

The main policy principles propose that harvest strategies in Tasmania: β€‹

Harvest strategy policy 

Public consultation

Feedback on the draft policy and policy guidelines was sought from all stakeholders including commercial, recreational and Aboriginal cultural fishers, as well as scientist, environmentalist and other interested parties from 21 March 2023 to 21 April 2023.

The consultation period has now closed.


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