Abalone Management Plan Amendments

Abalone rule disallowance - November 2021

On 9 November 2021, the Legislative Council rescinded several rules relating to abalone bag and possession limits for recreational and Aboriginal fishers that were implemented in 2019.

This means some bag and possession limits will revert to pre-2019 levels, and apply statewide, not regionally. This applies from 9 November 2021.

All other rules implemented in November 2019 continue to apply.

See the Abalone Fishing page to check recreational bag and possession limits.

What has changed

​Recreational catch limit
​Bag limit
​Reverts to 10 abalone statewide.  There are no separate Eastern or Western Region limits.
​Possession limit
​Reverts to 20 abalone statewide.
​Boat limit
​Reverts to no boat limits.
​Non-licensed possession limit (on land)
​Reverts to 5 abalone statewide.  The non-licensed possession limit on water remains 0 abalone.

2019 Abalone rule amendments

A review of the commercial and recreational abalone rules was conducted in 2019 due to serious concerns about the sustainability of abalone stocks along parts of the East Coast that indicated the need for corresponding management responses. The key documents from the review are available below:

Information Paper June 2019 - background on proposed amendments:

  Information Paper - Proposed amendments to the Abalone Fishery Management Plan 2019 (338Kb)

Report to the Minister on submissions on proposed rule amendments:

  Report to the Minister on Proposed Alterations to the Abalone Management Plan 2019   (2Mb)

Public Submissions Received

  Submissions received during Abalone Review 2019   (1Mb)
(Zoom  to greater than 400x to view the document)


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