Scalefish Fishery Advisory Committee

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Scalefish Fishery Advisory Committee advises the Minister on issues relating to the commercial scalefish fishery.


There are generally four SFAC meetings each year, depending on the work schedule and current issues. Most meetings are held in Hobart and are held over a full day. From time to time regional meetings may be held to provide an opportunity for wider industry to meet committee members and get involved in the committee process.

SFAC meetings are not generally open for casual observers, however the FAC may hold an open session prior to a meeting or the Chair may invite people to attend a specific agenda item where appropriate.




​Independent Chair

​Max Kitchell


​Scalefish Industry representatives

​Brendan Emmett
Todd Francis
Craig Garland
Alan Jarvis
Nick Martin
Colleen Osborne

​Scalefish Processor representative

​Steve Crocker

​Tasmanian Seafood Industry Council (TSIC)

​Julian Harrington

​Tasmanian Rock Lobster Fishermans Association (TRLFA)

​Rene Hidding

​Community and Conservation - Tasmanian Conservation Trust (TCT)

​Jon Bryan

​Tasmania Marine Police

​Ashley Kent

​IMAS Scientific Research representative

​Nils Krueck

NRE Tas ​Fishery Manager

​​Frances Seaborn​

​NRE Tas Executive Officer

Willow Ingram


Minutes are taken for each meeting and all recommendations and action items are recorded. The Chair also provides the Minister with his or her own summary of the meeting proceedings.


 SFAC 77 Minutes - 18 November 2022 (PDF 516Kb)

If you have an issue you would like SFAC to be aware of, please contact your industry association member or the SFAC Executive Officer and provide details three weeks prior to the scheduled meeting date. Industry members can contact TSIC​ if you require assistance drafting a paper for an SFAC meeting.


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