Review of the Living Marine Resources Management Act 1995


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Discussion Paper

Public comment was sought on the Discussion Paper on the Review of the Living Marine Resources Management Act 1995 ‘(the Act’) from 4 February to 31 March 2022. 

The Act manages and regulates Tasmania’s sea fisheries and works as one component of a suite of legislation that manages marine farming activities.

The Discussion Paper outlined the current provisions of the Act, how it functions and is administered by the Department. 

Key themes include:

  1. Objectives and scope: This theme examines the policy principles around the objectives of the Act, including the scope, legislative design, and social acceptability.  It considers the community’s needs and interests (including Aboriginal Tasmanians) in living marine resources and whether the Act is adequate to support contemporary objectives. ​
  2. Fisheries management: This theme relates to the parts of the Act that relate to the sustainable management of Tasmania’s marine fisheries. 
  3. Regulatory framework: This theme explores if the Act promotes efficiency and reduces red tape and if fisher responsibilities are clear outlined.

Download the Discussion Paper

 LMRMA Review - Discussion Paper (PDF 4Mb)

Download the Summary Brochure

 LMRMA Review - Discussion Paper Summary (PDF 121Kb)​

Have your say

We will continue to work closely with the industry, Aboriginal Tasmanians, the recreational sector, environmental groups, other Departments and the public to ensure we get this right. Your input to the Review will help ensure we continue to protect and manage Tasmanian fisheries and the marine environment.

Background - Modernising Tasmania's Fisheries Legislation

The Tasmanian Government is reviewing the Living Marine Resources Management Act 1995 in the 2020-21 budget as part of the Seafood Industry Growth and Recovery Plan. This was due to the current legislation's inflexibility in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic which significantly impacted on the fishing sector.

Ensuring long-term sustainability is the overarching objective in managing Tasmania’s commercial and recreational fisheries, however, there are questions about how well this is articulated in the legislation, particularly with respect to social and economic dimensions. The LMRMA has not been subject to any major review or strategic consideration of its effectiveness in the past 25 years.

The Review will provide a White Paper on future options for a modern legislative regime to manage Tasmania's living marine resources.​

Terms of Reference:

 Living Marine Resources Management Act Review Terms of Reference (PDF 284Kb)

What the Review will consider

  • Sustainability: The extent to which the sustainability objectives of the Act are being achieved;

  • Decision-making processes: The extent to which the Act provides a sound framework for living marine resource management in Tasmania;

  • Fisheries management: The extent to which the Act aligns with current best practice fisheries and marine resource management principles (compared to other Australian and international jurisdictions);
  • Future challenges: The extent to which the Act is flexible and prepares Tasmania for future risks and challenges associated with the marine environment.

​More information

Further information about the background, scope and purpose of the Review can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions.


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