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Rock lobster translocation

Translocation boosting rock lobster stock recovery on East Coast

Approximately 175 000 lobsters are set to be translocated to the East Coast this season, enough to offset the entire East Coast recreational and commercial catch from 2022/23.

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Elephant Rock markers

Elephant Rock and North Bay Rock Lobster Research Areas open to recreational potting

Elephant Rock and North Bay Rock Lobster Research Areas on the East Coast are opening for recreational-only rock lobster potting from 2 December 2023.

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Clinic at Clarence Point

Hooked on Winter Fishing Clinics

The Recreational Fishing team held fishing clinics at jetties and wharves across the state during the July school holidays.

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New FADs to hit water

Nine new FADs are set to hit the water around Tassie in September.

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Phasing out recreational gillnetting

The government has committed to phasing out recreational gillnetting over the next ten years, in three stages. Here's what that looks like.

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DepletingDepleted Species

Checking in on the health our scalefish fisheries

Based on the fisheries stock assessments by the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, we know that some of our favourite scalefish species are really struggling. Here's a check-in (and a bit of the science) on what's going on with these species.

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Large tiger flathead catch

Are commercial fishers taking most of the sand flathead?

No, and here's how we know.

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SMRCA Signing

Sustainable research agreement renewed

The sustainable research agreement between NRE Tas, IMAS and the University of Tasmania has been renewed for another 10 years.

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