Rock lobster vessel monitoring system rollout on track

​Vessel Monitoring Systems (VMS) are being implemented across the commercial rock lobster fleet prior to the commencement of the new Rock Lobster Fishery Management Plan on 1 November.

Following extensive public consultation, the new management plan was approved by the Minister for Primary Industries and Water in early September.  Under the new rules, the commercial rock lobster fishing fleet will now be required to have a VMS device fitted and operating at all times.

VMS devices enable modernised, satellite-based fleet monitoring to assist compliance, support enforcement and improve the management of the fishery. The devices record a fishing vessel’s location, speed and direction, and transmit this data by satellite where it is monitored by NRE Tas Fisheries Officers using tracking software.

NRE Tas have contracted CLS Oceania Pty Ltd to supply and install the approved CLS Triton Advanced VMS device to 165 vessels.  This is a significant logistical task due to the number of vessels and fishing ports around Tasmania and the short timeframe.  

NRE Tas Fisheries staff visited King Island in late September, meeting with commercial fishers to present the new rules and oversee the installation of VMS devices on board the 12 fishing vessels that operate from the island.  

VMS rollout on King Island

NRE Tas Fisheries Officers overseeing the VMS rollout in Currie Harbour, King Island

Fifty VMS units have been fitted to date with the remainder expected to be fitted during October while the rock lobster fishery is closed.

Published on: 10/6/2022


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