Recreational rock lobster catch reporting

​​From 1 November 2023, you must report your rock lobster catch using the Fishing Tas app or alternative reporting service.

You can report on behalf of another fisher using the app. It is the responsibility of the fisher making the report to ensure it is accurate. Aboriginal fishers are not required to report their catch but may voluntarily do so.

How to re​port

When you fish for rock lobster, you must make:
  • a Going Fishing Report, and;
  •  a Catch Report.
You must make these reports, even if you don’t catch any rock lobster.​

Going Fishing report

 A Going Fishing Report includes:

  • when you plan to go fishing;
  • your departure point (e.g. the boat ramp or beach you are leaving from);
  • what method/s you will be using; and,
  • the name and licence number of any fisher that you will report catch for.

Catch report

A Catch Report includes:

  • the fishing method you used;
  • the general location where you fished;
  • How many rock lobster you kept (even if 0); and,
  • How many rock lobster you released (even if 0)
You can also choose to report extra information about your fishing trip like the weight, sex and length of your rock lobster.​

Alternative reporting service

If you don't have the Fishing Tas app and someone isn't reporting on your behalf, you can use the telephone reporting service (1300 720 647) to make your reports.

Reporting when there is no reception

Using the app

If you are using the app, you can continue to make reports when there is no reception, but you must check they have submitted when you return to reception.

Using telephone reporting

If you are using the telephone reporting service and there is no reception, you must keep your own record of your Going Fishing and Catch Reports. Upon returning to reception, you must make these reports using the telephone reporting service as soon as possible.

How will the data be used?

The data you enter into the app will help us better understand recreational rock lobster fishing in Tasmania and will be used and stored in accordance with the Fishing Tas app Privacy Policy and IMAS data-sharing agreements.

Any data that is made publicly available will be de-identified, and fishing locations will be reported by general area only. Your personal details and fishing locations will never be publicly disclosed.

Why is catch reporting mandatory?

Rock lobster is a valuable species for recreational and commercial fishers, but to manage it well we need to understand how much is being caught each year and where.

By requiring every recreational fisher to report their catch, we can improve our understanding of what recreational rock lobster fishing looks like around the state.

This will enhance our understanding of the value and impact of recreational rock lobster fishing, and help us equitably manage the fishery into the future for all sectors of the rock lobster fishery.

Why an app?

An app was chosen for catch reporting because it allows real-time data collection, is cost-effective and requires little effort from fishers in comparison to other catch reporting methods. More information on the range of options that were considered is available in the report below.

 Options to effectively monitor and regulate recreational catch in the Tasmanian rock lobster fishery

A trial catch reporting app was available for recreational rock lobster fishers to use during the 2021/22 and 2022/23 rock lobster seasons. Feedback from users helped inform the design of the catch reporting component of the Fishing Tas app.


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