Rock Lobster Catch App Trial 2022-23

The rock lobster catch app lets recreational rock lobster fishers log where, when and how many rock lobster they catch on a trip. It offers a real-time, cost effective way to monitor recreational catch and support better fisheries management.

The app is currently in a trial stage before its use becomes mandatory statewide in November 2023. By participating in the trial, fishers have the opportunity to provide feedback on the app and its functions. This feeback will be incorporated into the new app when it launches before November.

Fishers who report their catch also have the chance to win some great prizes, including cray cookers, claw crackers and steel gauges!

You can download or update the app using the following links. If you already have it on your phone, please update to the new version for the 2022-23 season.​​

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Download the iPhone and iPad version from the iTunes App Store​ 

Download the Android version from the Google Play Store

Using the app

The app is quick and easy to use and can be used outside of phone reception.

​Before you start fishing:

  1. Sign in and start a "New trip"
  2. Mark the general area on the map where you plan to fish
  3. Select what gear you plan to use
  4. Press start trip

After you've finished fishing (even if you didn't catch anything):

  1. Hit "Complete trip"
  2. Mark the general area on the map were you actually fished
  3. Select the gear you used
  4. Record how many lobster you caught and released (even if it's 0)
  5. Review your trip, add any extra comments and submit!
If you want to, you can also add extra information about your trip, like size and sex of lobsters and how the trip rated overall.

Feed​back can be sent to: or by using the feedback link on the app.​

The app works even if you're out of phone reception by storing your catch details and upload it once you are back in phone range. Plus, if you forget to log your catch on the water, you can still do it before leaving the boat ramp.

Win a prize!

If you sign up to be part of the trial and log your catch, you can win some great prizes*.

So far this season, app users have won cray cookers, Submerged Images Tasmania 2023 Calendars, steel gauges and claw crackers.

Every second Monday before Easter prizes will be drawn for users who log their catch.

You can even test the app from the comfort of your home, just make sure you put 'trial' in the comments tab.

*To enter, you must hold a valid recreational rock lobster licence. Winners will be contacted.

Alternate reporting systems

We are working on alternate reporting systems for fishers who may not take their phone on the water. Systems being considered are phone reporting and catch cards. This alternative will be available to fishers who apply for an exemption. Details on how to apply for an exemption will be made available in the future. 

How data is used

The purpose of the trial is to develop a practical app and evaluate the effectiveness of app data against current survey methods.  

Catches will be reported by area only.  Your personal details and fishing locations will never be publicly disclosed.

The data will be provided to IMAS in accordance with our personal information protection statements and IMAS data-sharing agreements.

Future app enhancements​

These features have been suggested and are being considered for future versions.

  • Fishing trips and catch locations - the current version uses a pin drop, which represents a general area. Some users suggested we record boat ramps for planning trips, and record catches in regions or zones.

  • Use the app to make transit reports and report lost gear.

  • Create 'Your Season in Review' reports to be posted on social media and shared with friends.

  • Store digital licences on the app.​​

    Go to Recreational Rock Lobster Catch App Trial page for more information about the project.


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