Rock Lobster Catch App Trial 2022-23

​​​About the app

Recreational rock lobster fishers can log their catch in a Rock Lobster Catch Monitoring App as part of a trial to better manage the rock lobster fishery.

The aim of the trial is for rock lobster fishers to use the app to log their catch by the start of the 2023-24 season. Anyone fishing the East Coast will be required to use the app from the start of the 2023-24 season.

First launched in seas​on 2021-22, the app is a real-time, cost-effective way to monitor recreational catch. An improved version is now available for fishers to use and provide feedback on for the 2022-23 season.

Over 300 users provided feedback last season that has been incorporated into the new version. Your suggestions over the next few months will further improve the app before another upgrade early in 2023.

Go to Recreational Rock Lobster Catch App Trial page​ for more information about the project. 

Prizes for 2022-2023

If you log your catch by Wednesday, 14 December, you'll go in the draw* to win a cray cooker or one of five Submerged Images Tasmania 2023 Calendars.

Winners of the 10 steel gauges and 10 claw crackers have been drawn and will be contacted shortly. Stay up to date on our Facebook page as more prizes will be available throughout the season.

*To enter, you must hold a valid recreational rock lobster licence.

Where to download

Download or update the app using the following links. If you already have it on your phone, please update to the new version for season 2022-23.​​

App Store Logo - Apple

Download the iPhone and iPad version from the iTunes App Store​ 

Download the Android version from the Google Play Store


Feed​back can be sent to: or use the feedback link on the app.​

App updates - season 2022-23

New features on the 2022-23 version of the app include:

  • post reporting of fishing trips
  • recording of lobster size and sex data.

Logging your catch

If you are out of phone reception, the app will store your catch details and upload this data once you are back in phone range. If you forget to log your catch, you can do it later on.

Fishing locations

Only the general area where you fish is recorded, not your precise location. For example, if you are fishing around rocks north of Fortescue Bay on the Tasman Peninsula, tap the location anywhere on the eastern side of the Peninsula. If you are fishing below Cape Pillar, drop the pin south of the Peninsula. If you fish Storm Bay, drop the pin in the general vicinity.

Alternate reporting systems

We are working on alternate reporting systems for fishers who may not take their phone on the water. Systems being considered are phone reporting and catch cards.

How data is used

The purpose of the trial is to develop a practical app and evaluate the effectiveness of app data against current survey methods.  

Catches will be reported by area only.  Your personal details and fishing locations will never be publicly disclosed.

The data will be provided to IMAS in accordance with our personal information protection statements and IMAS data-sharing agreements.

Future app enhancements​

These features have been suggested and are being considered for future versions.

  • Fishing trips and catch locations - the current version uses a pin drop, which represents a general area. Some users suggested we record boat ramps for planning trips, and record catches in regions or zones.

  • The ability to log catches as a group.

  • Use the app to make transit reports and report lost gear.

  • Store digital licences on the app.​​


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