How to use the Fishing Tas app

​The Fishing Tas app has all of your favourite features from the Tas Fish Guide app, plus some new ones.

Here are step-by-step instructions for making the most out of all the features of the Fishing Tas app.

Using the species guide

The species guide contains information on over 150 species found in Tasmanian waters, including rules, fishing tips, identifying features and more.

​Finding a species you're looking for

Use the search bar to find species. Looking for information on a specific fish? Enter the fish name in the search bar to look it up. If you would like to clear something you have searched for, tap the small grey ‘x’ on the right-hand side of the search bar.

Search bar 

Filter fish by group.
Caught something but not quite sure what it is? Use the filter (three horizontal lines in top right corner) to show fish from a specific group, like the 30 most caught species, or sharks, skates and rays. To see all the fish species in the app, make sure 'All' is selected here
Filter icon 

Save favourites.
You can now create your own personalised list of your favourite fish species by tapping the star beside a species. When you filter by favourites, it will only show fish that you have favourited, allowing you to quickly find the fish you love.

Information about a species

  • Rules – The basic rules you need to know when fishing for this species, like seasons, bag, boat and possession limits, any regional rule variations and size limits. For species with more complex rules (like rock lobster), information about other rules can be found under the ‘More’ tab.
  • About – Information about a species, like the size they grow to, identifying features and responsible fishing tips.
  • More – Information on other rules that apply for this species (like transiting requirements for rock lobster), plus other interesting information like habitat, fishing information, handling information and tips for cooking!
Snapper information 

Using the map

The map shows the location of fishing facilities, boat ramps, and area restrictions which apply when sea fishing.
Map icon 

Navigating the map

  • Move around the map by making a dragging motion with one finger.   
  • Zoom in and out by making a pinching motion with two fingers.  
  • Use two fingers to rotate the map. If you have rotated the map, and want to go back to a north orientation, tap the arrow in the top right corner of the map.
  • Tap the circle button in the bottom right corner of the map to zoom into your location (Note: This feature will only work if your phone location is on, and you have given the app permission to access your location).
  • Tap the expand button in the bottom right corner to zoom out and see all of Tasmania.
Map labels 

Seeing information about a location

You can tap on an icon or area restriction on the map to see information about it. For example, you might tap on a fishing spot to see what sort of facilities it has, or tap on a place with an area restriction to see what rules apply in that area.

Map examples 

Changing map layers

You can change what information is displayed on the map by tapping the layer icon in the top right corner. You can toggle boat ramps, fishing spots and area restrictions on and off.

When you have area restrictions on, you can also select what type of area restrictions you would like to show from the list. Selected layers are in blue.

Map layers 


Information about other rules

You can find information about other rules that apply to sea fishing in Tasmania, like licences, gear restrictions and what you can use for bait, under the ‘Rules’ tab.

Rock lobster catch reporting

Recreational rock lobster licence holders are required to report their catch from 2 December 2023 using the Fishing Tas app or alternative reporting system.

Catch Reporting icon 

More information

You can find other useful fishing information, information about the app and contact details under the ‘More’ tab.
More icon 


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