Recreational Sea Fishing Strategy

Recreational fishing at Coles Bay​​  

The Tasmanian Recreational Sea Fishing Strategy 2021-2030 sets a decade-long vision for recreational sea fishing in Tasmania.
With more than 100,000 Tasmanians fishing each year, the Strategy strikes a balance between providing access for today’s fishers and ensuring healthy fish stocks for future generations.  It recognises the value of recreational fishing and focuses on fishers being more involved in determining the future of fishing, as well as looking after our fish stocks.
Fifty-four actions are proposed across six outcomes: fisheries sustainability, promoting responsible fishing, community involvement, valuing recreational fishing, making it easier for people to go fishing and improving support for fishing.

The Strategy was developed by the Wild Fisheries Management Branch following extensive consultation with recreational fishers and the wider community.


Recreational Strategy  

Key Strategy actions progress

Action ​Status
Flathead for the Future program - develop a sand flathead recovery plan and promote stewardship among fishers.
Commenced: The Tasmanian Government has committed $250,000.  Project planning is underway.​
​Establish a Recreational Sea Fishing Infrastructure fund. Commenced: The Tasmanian Government has committed $2 million dollars. Round 2 of Better Fishing Grants opened in March 2022. ​
Build a new fishing Tasmania website. Completed: New website launched in August 2022.
Emphasise the importance of recreational fishing in the Living Marine Resources Management Act 1995 review.Commenced: Review was launched in September 2021.
Complete an audit of recreational shore-based fishing infrastructure. Commenced: Outcomes will feed into the next Better Fishing Grant round.
Review rock lobster and scallop fishing rules to enable catch sharing.​Following consultation, a new management plan was approved in September 2022.
Identify pathways to transition away from the use of recreational gillnets.​Working group established in early 2022.
Develop an overarching fisheries resource sharing policy.​To commence in 2022.
Develop a fishing code of practice for FADs and artificial reefs.​To commence in 2022.
​Hold a stakeholder workshop to identify participation barriers and fishing access needs.
​To commence in 2022.
​Improve the process for providing public fisheries management advice.​Ongoing.

View the 10-Year Action Implementation Table:

 Recreational Sea Fishing Strategy Actions Implementation Update (PDF 140Kb)​


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