Port Davey Area

Restrictions on netting and the use of set lines apply in some areas around Tasmania, mainly in rivers and estuaries to protect vulnerable species or sensitive habitats. Check for any restrictions in your area before you go fishing.

New River Lagoon

Upstream from the mouth.
Map icon - no specialist lines, mullet, graball or other nets and bait traps

Reserves and Research Areas

Port Davey/Bathurst Harbour Marine Nature Reserve
This reserve contains two zones - a no take zone where no fishing is allowed and a restricted fishing zone where some fishing is allowed. Restricted fishing includes diving for abalone and rock lobster only, using a rock lobster pot or ring, line fishing with no more than 5 hooks per line and trolling. All netting, set lines and the taking of marine plants and cast seaweed is prohibited. See a map of this reserve.

More information about Marine Reserves and Fisheries Research Areas.

Shark Refuge Areas

There are no shark refuge areas in this area of the State. Find out more about shark refuge areas.

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