Australian Anchovy

Baitfish anchovy
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Season: Open all year

bag limit50


possession limit100


boat limit-

Limits relate to baitfish species combined.

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bagBag Limit
housePossession Limit
boatBoat Limit

Minimum size


Most scalefish are measured from the nose to the end of the tail. Get your scalefish measuring ruler or sticker at any Service Tasmania outlet.

Other names

anchovy, southern anchovy

Scientific name

Engraulis australis

Grows to

Up to

16cm and 200 grams

Identifying features

​A small bait fish with a blunt rounded snout protruding beyond a long mouth which extends back behind the eye. The body is greenish above with a broad silver stripe along the side of the body.  Similar to Australian sardines and sprats, but usually smaller.


A coastal schooling fish which commonly enters large estuaries and bays, although sometimes found out to depths of 200m.

Fishing information

Taken using a beach seine, bait or cast net. Anchovies form compact schools and can be detected by the presence of diving birds. Often used as bait by recreational fishers.


Will shed scales and die quickly when taken out of the water so should be chilled rapidly to prevent deterioration.


This species is generally boned, filleted and preserved, packed in either oil or salt. They have many uses as a complex seasoning or flavour component.


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