Red Bait Crab

Crab red bait
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Season: Open all year

bag limit15


possession limit30


boat limit-

Limits apply to inshore crab species combined.

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bagBag Limit
housePossession Limit
boatBoat Limit

Minimum size

See Crab Fishing for more information.

Other names

Ferrari crab, speedy crab, red rock crab, cleft-fronted shore crab

Scientific name

Plagusia chabrus

Grows to

Up to

70mm (carapace length)

Identifying features

​A medium sized crab with red-orange colouration.  The frontal edges of the carapace have sharp indentations either side of the eyes.  The legs have parallel rows of raised serrations with a fine hair covering in between.


Female crabs with eggs cannot be kept. One bait trap can be used.  Specialised crab traps cannot be used.


Lives subtidally in crevices and under rocks on rocky shorelines.

Fishing Information

This species is sometimes enters rock lobster pots or is taken by divers.  Known as a speedy or Ferrari crab because of its ability to scurry rapidly.


Caution as this crab can inflict a painful nip with its frontal claws.  It can be more aggressive than other crabs.

Public Health Advice

Follow any public health alerts relating to eating wild shellfish - refer to the Department of ​Health or​ phone their hotline on 1800 671 738.


This crab is good eating and can be cooked whole by boiling, or stir-frying in the Asian style.  It can be time-consuming to extract the meat but it is sweet and tasty.​ 


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