Tiger Flathead

Flathead tiger
© Tasmanian Government. Image Peter Gouldthorpe
Season: Open all year

bag limit20


possession limit30


boat limit-

Overall limits apply for sand and tiger flathead combined: Bag-20, Possession-30

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housePossession Limit
boatBoat Limit

Minimum size


Most scalefish are measured from the nose to the end of the tail. Get your scalefish measuring ruler or sticker at any Service Tasmania outlet.

Stock status


Other names

king flathead, deepsea flathead

Scientific name

Neoplatycephalus richardsoni

Grows to

Up to

65cm and 2.5kg

Identifying features

​Tiger flathead has a rounder body shape than other flatheads. It is a light brown or pinkish grey colour on the body with orange-brown spots. Dark bands of colour may also be present on the body.

Tiger flathead can be distinguished from other flathead species by its large canine teeth. It has no dark blotch on the lower part of the tail, and the lower spine on the gill cover is longer than the upper spine.

Tap the magnifying glass to view an image gallery of identifying features, or watch a video to learn how to ID different flathead species in Tasmania.

This species may live up to 17 years.


Tiger flathead are generally found both inshore and on the continental shelf between 10 and 160 metres.

Fishing information

Usually caught in deeper, offshore waters but occasionally taken by recreational fishers closer inshore. Taken using similar gear and fishing techniques used for southern sand flathead. Distributed all around Tasmania but more commonly caught off the south and east coasts.


Beware of short, sharp spines on the flathead’s gill covers and dorsal fin.


Low oil content with a pleasant, sweet flavour. Fine textured flesh which can dry out slightly with some cooking methods but remains moist and flaky when cooked in batter. The long shape of flathead means that it fillets well as most of the bones are at the head section of the fish. Also retains moisture well when cooked as whole fish. Suitable to bake in foil, shallow or deep fry, marinate, poach or steam.

Recipe: Rod’s Flathead Pizza:

2 boneless flathead fillets; 1 pizza base (make or buy); ½ cup of basil pesto; red onion, sliced; other toppings and herbs of your choice; rocket or spinach; black pepper.
Cut the flathead fillets into strips about 1-2 cm wide and 5 cm long. Spread the pesto evenly over the pizza base. Place fish pieces so they radiate around the pizza.

Spread all other toppings except rocket or spinach evenly over the pizza. Cook for the time and temperature specified for the pizza base. Place rocket or spinach on top 2 minutes before removing from oven. An alternative is to use a light cheese or yogurt for the base sauce. Try with other seafood such as scallops or squid.

Flathead Fact Sheets

How to Increase the Survival of Released Flathead

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