Red Handfish

Handfish red
© Tasmanian Government. Image Peter Gouldthorpe
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Thymichthys politus

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Identifying features

​There are two colourations of this rare handfish, one bright red with blueish white tipped fins and a variant with a mottled yellowish pink body with distinct red-tipped fins and spots. As the name suggests, this small fish prefers to walk across the sea floor with its arm-like pectoral fins although they can swim over small distances if threatened. They feed primarily on small crustaceans and worms.


Found in 0-2-m water depth. Once found across south-eastern Tasmania, only two small populations of red handfish near Hobart now survive. They only produce 30-60 eggs at a time with females standing guard over them.  The eggs are attached to standing structures and once hatched, the juveniles tend to remain close to the area where they were born. Juvenile hatchlings look similar to the adults.


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