Banded Morwong

Morwong banded
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Minimum size

36cm (maximum size: 46cm)
Banded morwong are measured nose to the fork of the tail.

Other names

sea carp, red moki

Scientific name

Cheilodactylus spectabilis

Grows to

Up to

70cm and 15kg

Identifying features

​This large species of morwong is white with a number of distinctive reddish-brown vertical bars across the flanks. The chin and belly are white and the fins are a uniform reddish-brown or grey.

Season Information

​Closed season 1 March - 30 April inclusive ​each year.


Banded morwong are normally found around shallow exposed rocky reef areas in depths between 3-50 metres. They occur along most of the east and south east coasts of Tasmania.

Fishing information

Banded morwong are not popularly targeted by recreational fishers, although some are taken in gillnets and by diving. Their rate of growth is fast in the first 5 years and then slows. Males grow larger than females and mature banded morwong may be as old as 90 years


The firm, flaky flesh of this species has a distinctive, medium flavour, though is sometimes considered dry. It is best cooked in a way that ensures moisture is not lost such as baking in foil. Suitable to bake, foil-bake, barbeque, shallow or deep-fry, marinate or poach.


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