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Minimum size

Measured as the maximum shell width at its widest point

Other names

warrener, turbo, wavy turbo, turban shell

Scientific name

Lunella undulata

Grows to

Up to

70 mm across the shell

Identifying features

​Periwinkles are large marine gastropods, more green in colour when younger, then usually dark bluish-green with white zig zag marks when older.  The shells are wide and round with whorl finishing in a high spiral shape and a round aperture.  They also have a small, circular white ‘lid’ or operculum with a flat spiral on the underside which acts as a cover to the shell opening.


Found at intertidal and subtidal levels in reef margins and among rocks and seaweed, especially in exposed environments.  Known to graze on seaweeds and algae.  Found all around Tasmania.

Fishing Information

Collected in small numbers by some recreational fishers by wading and diving.  The small operculum is often seen washed up on the beach.  Considered a gourmet food item and historically an important food source for Tasmanian Aborigines.

Public Health Advice

Follow any public health alerts relating to eating wild shellfish - refer to the Department of Health or  phone their hotline on 1800 671 738.​


Cook only live periwinkles with shells that are intact.  Place them in a pot and cover with fresh seawater or salted water.  Bring to a boil and cook for 5 minutes then drain.  Any longer and they become tough and are hard to remove from their shell.  Extract from their shells with a pin after removing the operculum (lid).  They can be eaten hot or cold, marinated or plain with a touch of lemon or vinegar.  Some prefer more exotic dipping sauces such as wasabi, soy or Worcestershire sauce.​


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