Broadnose Shark

broadnose shark
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Season: Open all year

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Bag and possession limits are for sharks and rays other than school, gummy, mako, blue, or elephantfish combined. Boat limit is for all shark and ray species combined, excluding elephantfish.

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Minimum size

Measure shark species either from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail, or for headed and tailed shark, from the back gill slit to the base of the tail. More information.

Other names

sevengill shark, seven gill shark, cowshark, Tasmanian tiger shark, broadnose

Scientific name

Notorynchus cepedianus

Grows to

Up to

3 metres and 110 kg

Identifying features

Broadnose sharks have black or sometimes white speckling on their fins and grey-brown upper body.  They can also be identified by their large, thick body, broad head, blunt snout, seven pairs of gill slits and single dorsal fin.  Young sharks may have white-edged fins.  Teeth on the lower jaw are wider than those on the upper jaw.  The small dorsal fin is near the tail.

​​Area restrictions

Do not take in shark refuge areas. 


The dorsal and pectoral fins must remain attached to all shark until they are landed.​​​


They live in the deep channels of bays, or in the shallower waters of the continental shelf and estuaries.  Found in cooler temperate waters off Tasmania from inshore to 140 metres deep.

Fishing Information

Broadnose sharks are most commonly hooked on longlines and droplines.  As a major predator of shark species, you may hook a broadnose which has been scavenging on other sharks hooked on that same longline.


Like any large shark, this species is potentially dangerous and should be handled with care.


The flesh is good eating.​


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