Shark Egg

shark egg
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Most scalefish are measured from the nose to the end of the tail. Get your scalefish measuring ruler or sticker at any Service Tasmania outlet.

Other names

Swellshark egg

Scientific name

Cephaloscyllium laticeps

Grows to

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Identifying features

​The egg pictured is from a draughtboard shark. It has between 19 to 26 transverse ridges surrounding it and the young emerges from the broad end of the egg. The egg is pale yellow when fresh and will turn dark brown when the pup has emerged.

​Area restrictions

Leave shark egg cases where they are in shark refuge areas.


Female sharks lay these commonly observed purse-like egg cases in shallow coastal areas around seagrasses, seaweeds and kelp beds. The long tendrils, which are very supple when first laid, wrap and tangle around these structures. The tendrils then become very wiry and strong on contact with the sea water and difficult to break off. Empty cases are often found washed up on beaches.


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