Maugean Skate

maugean shark
© Tasmanian Government. Image Peter Gouldthorpe
Protected Species: do not take!

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Protected species

Do not take!

Other names

Port Davey skate, spiky skate

Scientific name

Zearaja maugeana

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Identifying features

​The Maugean skate is clearly identifiable by the elongated shape of the snout, similar to a deepsea skate.  Their colour can vary with their habitat, but is mostly dark with small faint white spots.  Males have large claspers.


Protected species.  Do not take.  If you encounter or accidentally catch a protected species, you must return it to where you found it regardless of whether it is dead or alive.  Current research indicates Maugean skate numbers are low and it is vulnerable to capture in gillnets in Macquarie Harbour on the west coast.


The Maugean skate is only found in the estuarine waters of Macquarie and Bathurst Harbours on the west and south west coasts of Tasmania.​


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