Sea Sweep

sea sweep
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Season: Open all year

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possession limit10


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Minimum size


Most scalefish are measured from the nose to the end of the tail. Get your scalefish measuring ruler or sticker at any Service Tasmania outlet.

Other names

silver sweep, yellow-lipped sweep

Scientific name

Scorpis aequipinnis

Grows to

Up to

40cm and 3.5kg

Identifying features

​Sea sweep have a deep body shape, a short head and a small mouth. In adults, they have a distinct yellow mark on their bottom jaw and below the eye, otherwise they are a blue-grey colour above with silver below. Another species caught in Tasmanian waters, the silver sweep, look similar to sea sweep but without the yellow tinges.


Sea sweep are found around rocky areas and inshore shallow coastal waters in depths up to 25 metres. They can form large schools, but around Tasmania tend to be either solitary or found in small groups. They find reef areas with high wave action to their liking as they search for small invertebrates and seaweed fragments that that dislodged from the rocks as a result of the surge.

Fishing information

Sweep are strong fighters that, once hooked, turn on their side and change swimming directions at high speed. Use longer, strong action rods and lines of about 8kg so that the fish will not be able to snag you around the reef once hooked. With fishing rigs, use the least amount of sinker possible to make the bait look like something that the wave action has removed from the rocks. Use prawns, small pieces of fish and raw chicken as baits and continue casting into the wash, not letting the bait too near the bottom.


There are small sharp dorsal spines which can be avoided by handling the fish around the head area.


Sweep have firm, white flesh with a slightly sweet flavour. They are excellent eating when baked, fried or steamed. Kill, bleed and clean sea sweep promptly to improve the taste of the meat.


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