Blue-eye Trevalla

blue-eye trevalla
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Season: Open all year

bag limit5


possession limit10


boat limit25

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Minimum size


Most scalefish are measured from the nose to the end of the tail. Get your scalefish measuring ruler or sticker at any Service Tasmania outlet.

Other names

blue-eye, blue nose, deepsea trevalla, big eye trevalla

Scientific name

Hyperoglyphe antarctica

Grows to

Up to

1.4 metres and 45 kg

Identifying features

​Blue-eye trevalla is a stout bodied fish with a rounded blunt snout, a dark blue to blue grey body above and lighter blue below.  It has a large, deep, blue eye with a gold ring around it.  Larger fish have a bronze sheen along the flanks.


Blue-eye trevalla form schools over reefs and hard structures on the continental slope at depths of around 200-450 metres, out of reach of many recreational anglers.

Fishing information

There are increasing numbers of recreational fishers targeting trevalla using droplines or deep-water handlines and also by the use of fishing rods with electric reels.  Baits include fish flesh, squid and octopus.​


Blue-eye trevalla are possibly the best known eating fish caught around Tasmania.  The fish flesh is white and firm and good eating with an excellent flavour.  Suitable to bake, barbeque, deep or shallow fry, foil bake, grill, marinate or steam.​

Recipe: Crusted Baked Blue-eye Trevalla

1 blue-eye trevalla fillet; ½ cup of fresh breadcrumbs; parsley, chopped; lemon rind, finely chopped; olive oil; sea salt and black pepper.

Mix the breadcrumbs, lemon rind, and salt and pepper together. Add a splash of olive oil and mix into the other ingredients with your fingers.  Put the trevalla in an ovenproof dish and press the breadcrumb mixture over the top of it.  Cook for about 20 minutes in an oven preheated to 200°C.​​


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